Monday, September 12, 2011

Felt Flower Necklace

 This necklace was actually really easy to make. I love flowers and ruffles! This morning my mom told me "You look like a total scrapbooker", just because I had a grey ruffled shirt, a chipboard necklace made by my aunt, and my favorite flower bag. :) I just can't help it.
 Well anyway, here are the steps to make this necklace.
1) I went out and bought a wide variety of fabric, felt, ribbon, and buttons. (You can also just use what you have)
2) I started making all of the different flowers I knew how to make (They are all really simple and easy).
3) I cut out a piece of felt big enough to glue all of the flowers on it.
4) I placed all of the flowers where I wanted them, then I added a few things to spruce it up. I put some leaves here and there, and some buttons to top it off.
5) Then I just hot glued everything together, and I glued the chain to the back of the necklace, then put a nother piece of felt on top of each side of the chain.
( Make sure you glue all of the flowers to eachother so it will hang right when you are wearing it )

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