Saturday, October 29, 2011

Crazy Hair! (Talk about spirited!)

So, a few weeks ago, my family had the opportunity of bringing in an 8 year old foster child named Stephanie. She is so fun, spunky, and pretty :) Her and I share a room and she is beginning to learn all of the crafty lessons in life. Well, this is her!

 A few days ago, she had her spirit week at school. She came running down the stairs saying "Abbie! Abbie! Can you make the craziest hair for crazy hair day??" I took this as a serious challenge. I took her upstairs and we brainstormed. At first, I wanted to give her a big pink fohawk. This didnt turn out so well, so we just leveled down to this! I cut a piece of card stock and made it a cone shape. (Make sure it is big or small enough to cover with their hair) Then I just brought the hair up around the cone and put it in a ponytail at the end. I let her pick a bunch of flowers that I made, and that I bought, and we made a collage of them. We had lots of fun doing it, and she definately had the craziest hair in her class! There were lots of kids who wanted to touch it and asked who did it. Her reply? "My crafty sister!"

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