Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Culture is right outside your door, you just need to open it!

So yesterday I got to go to downtown LA. Now you may know, it's a really busy town filled with buildings, cars, and clients walking side by side. Having lived so close to it, I never really felt the need to explore this fancy downtown area. (A very big mistake on my part). As we drove, all I could think about was "what will the food be like?" Or "are all the people in Chinatown Chinese?" I had never known these answers. I love culture, and anything new there is to try or experience.. I'm

As we ran a muck throughout the town, we had a blast! Who knew completely different cultural experiences were right outside our door?

We tried new foods (I realized I would most likely starve in Asia..), played with stray dogs, bought souvenirs, visited flee markets, and saw everything there was to see! Anywhere you live, I'm sure there is something like this you can find. Take your kids, or go with some friends to go experience it! You won't regret it!(:

We took lots of silly pictures.. But some were just too embarrassing. Haha but we had lots of fun!

We found some pretty turquoise doors, and I just had to stop for a picture. My pose is a bit "happy", but I guess it just fits my personality!

Do you have any experiences like this? If so... Share!

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  1. When I heard you went down there... I was so jealous! It looks like you had a great time.